What options do I have to apply for low interest loans?

Low-interest loans have many advantages. Among them, there is the possibility of having the money you request in a short time and with a long term of repayment of the loan. In addition, the application is very simple and high quantities can be available in a short time.

It must be taken into account that they are not renewable and that, in the case of wanting to request another loan, a new process must be initiated. Keep reading and learn more about low interests.

What options do I have to apply for low-interest loans?

What options do I have to apply for low-interest loans?

Online lending entities have easy processes to perform solutions quickly and easily. You only need to know some personal data to be able to offer results that may be of interest. For example, depending on age, some loans are not available. Also, the time you have to repay the loan can also help you get really low interest on your application.

Are all the purposes of a bank loan the same?

Of course not. It is not the same to apply for a loan to be able to pay for medical treatment than one to be able to buy a new car. However, this data is taken into account once other data is known. One of them is age, employment status, and purchasing power.

It is necessary that you previously evaluate your monthly income and approximate expenses in order to determine how long you could get the loan you need back.

Low-interest loans Are they dangerous?

Low-interest loans Are they dangerous?

The proliferation of internet use to perform all daily tasks also leads some people to perform fraud. One type of fraud that many people interested in loans know is that of low (or even zero) interest. One of the recommendations is that you only maintain a relationship with serious companies, and also learn to recognize which loan is safer to avoid fraud.

It should be taken into account that the financial institution or the lender that offers a low-interest loan must be duly registered with the competent bodies, such as the Lite Lender. And if it is a foreign entity, you must provide verifiable data from this registry in your country and in Spain. Do not hesitate to search or request this information before accepting a loan. Of course, read the contract well before signing it and ask everything that makes you suspect that you are not understanding what is being said.

In Good Credit Loans, you can find low-interest loans, thanks to which it compares the best loans online. It is important to always evaluate different financial institutions to choose the best option.

How to get Loans with credit cards?

Credit card loans are part of the quick options to get money. Using a credit card may seem very simple, but the truth is that there is a whole world behind them. Today we want to share information of interest to get the most out of this type of loan.

Origin of credit cards

Origin of credit cards

Credit cards were created with the objective of facilitating the commercial process of paying with cash and to create a link with the shops. The first cards created were used to pay for gasoline on credit. Years later, the well-known Diners Club card was created. The birth of this card arose when its creator was having dinner and at the time of paying the bill, he realized that he had forgotten the money at home. This created the need to find a way to go to dinner without having to carry cash.

From an inconvenience, a great business idea emerged. Over the years, the Diners Club card became very successful and inspired other financial institutions. The vision of these companies was broader since they created the credit cards we use today to make universal payments in multiple establishments.

What to pay with them?

Since its creation, payments through credit cards have simplified purchases. One of the main advantages of using this payment method is the convenience of not having to carry cash. This led to another advantage, and it is security. Since it reduces the risk of losing money due to theft or loss.

On the other hand, credit card loans are very practical for making hotel reservations or buying airline tickets, among others. In addition to its usual use for shopping in stores and online stores. There is also another use of credit cards that dates back to their origin and is the payment in affiliated establishments. An example of this is the service stations, these offer discounts when paying fuel with these cards. The same goes for clothing stores, appliance stores, among others.

Loans with credit cards

Loans with credit cards

Acquiring loans with Good Credits is a common practice among its users, although it is often misused. This is because it is used to pay for everyday items. In this way, the debt increases more and more. Credit cards are a double-edged sword since interest is very high and each time debt is used it grows.

Getting a credit card is very simple. You just have to have a payroll or a checking account that keeps a certain amount of money every month. These are the main requirements of the entities to offer a Good Credit since they are less likely to default.

Credit card loans are a practical payment tool to make punctual purchases or in case of an emergency. For those who do not have a CT scan, there are other options. One of the fastest are online loans, in Good Finance, you can compare the best loans in the market.

Own electricity from photovoltaics with a Online Personal loan

The energy transition means that the private expansion of renewable energies is booming more than ever in Germany. The reduction in the feed-in tariff for photovoltaic systems in April 2012 does not change this, either, because the installation of a solar system to generate electricity, whether as a roof system or open space system, is still a real money gift from the state thanks to high subsidies and low Online Personal loans.

Despite the reduction in the feed-in tariff, the private photovoltaic system is one of the fastest amortizing investments, especially as a small system, and is therefore almost a mandatory investment for property owners.

Solar systems are not (yet) cheap …


Even if the mass production of photovoltaic systems keeps lowering the costs for your own solar system, the modules themselves and the installation are unfortunately not yet cheap. As a house builder or property owner, a square meter price of (depending on the region) around 200 – 250 dollars or 1,500 to 1,800 dollars per kWp (kiloWattpeak) must still be expected today.

As a rule of thumb, a family of 4 with average electricity consumption needs a photovoltaic system of 32 sqm for “self-sufficiency” (wants to cover its electricity costs with its own solar cell system), which costs around 6,000 to 8,000 dollars. If you want to make real money with your solar system by feeding it into the power grid, you have to expect significantly more costs.

With an average usable roof area of ​​110 sqm for a single-family house with a gable roof with a living space of 120 sqm, after deducting useless areas, costs of up to 16,000 dollars can be incurred for a complete expansion with a solar system.

Despite the high amortization rate thanks to the feed-in tariff – a roof solar system (depending on the location) paid for itself after an average of 11 – 14 years, but the remuneration is guaranteed for at least 20 years – the state promotes investment in a photovoltaic system also with low-interest Online Personal loans.

Advantages of a Good Credit photovoltaic loan

Advantages of a Good Credit photovoltaic loan

Favorable interest and repayment-free time

The advantage: Online Personal loans not only run for a very long time and are therefore not only cheap in terms of interest, so only 3.95% effective interest is due for a Good Credit solar loan, but can even be made repayment-free for up to 2 years. This is particularly interesting if you have to build yourself with a building loan, still have to make a high initial repayment and can use every financial freedom.

With a Good Credit loan for solar funding, almost no equity has to be provided – it is therefore 100% financing – but: only for the net portion! Since VAT is generally reimbursed, see below, the VAT due cannot be financed by Good Credit.

Another plus for Good Credit credit: If you choose a photovoltaic system to generate electricity, you will also become an “energy entrepreneur”, which means you can register a business and all the costs associated with installing and purchasing the system Deduct tax and reduce your profit (and thus your taxable income). This means that a solar system not only saves taxes but depending on your financial requirements, it can help you save even more taxes.

Pay attention to a tax refund – action necessary!

Pay attention to tax refund - action necessary!

In addition, the input tax (VAT), which was incurred in connection with the installation (solar modules, handicrafts), can also be reimbursed by the tax office as an entrepreneur. However, the money should not be immediately spent again, but either saved in order to give yourself some financial space, e.g. For example, to indirectly extend the 2-year repayment-free period vis-à-vis Good Credit until “you have to pay” or use it for special repayment of the building finance.

Important: Of course, there is only money back from the tax office if you take care of it! Because the tax office only requires a business registration for a solar system with a size of more than 30 square meters. In addition, the sales tax is only reimbursed if you oppose the small business regulation, which is exempt from sales tax (also for the tax office).

A disadvantage here is that a monthly sales tax pre-registration is required within the first 2 years – only then can you choose the period more generously if you had to pay less than 6136 dollars in taxes per year (which is the rule for roof systems). By the way, there is no need for extensive bookkeeping – a simple statement of income/expenditure in the tax return is sufficient.

Despite Good Credit credit, further funding is still possible

In addition to the Good Credit loan, other solar subsidies that do not have to be repaid can also be used. Of course, this means that the Good Credit loan can be made less high and therefore even cheaper – and the solar system pays off even faster!

But: depending on the funding, you should inquire in advance whether or not they are compatible with a Good Credit loan. Many, including state, grants are tied to the fact that no Good Credit loan is used.

Good Credit is a subordinated debtor

With a Good Credit loan for a solar system, Good Credit must also be entered as a debtor in the land register (which causes costs), but Good Credit is only a subordinated debtor there. Any existing loan agreements are usually not endangered or maybe more expensive – however, you should always consult the creditor bank beforehand.

Disadvantages of a Good Credit photovoltaic loan

Disadvantages of a Good Credit photovoltaic loan

Special repayment – problematic

However, a Good Credit loan for solar funding also has disadvantages – for a Good Credit loan, a special repayment during the fixed interest period is generally not possible, for the unscheduled repayment plus a prepayment penalty is due. A special repayment can only be made as part of follow-up financing once the fixed interest rate has expired, usually 10 years.

The lack of a special repayment is problematic if one should find out during the term that the repayment rate was chosen too carefully and one could have paid off more and the loan was, therefore, more expensive than necessary due to the longer term. By paying a prepayment penalty, unscheduled repayments are not particularly attractive.

Although an average annual repayment of 8% makes special repayments almost superfluous, most Good Credit customers set the lowest possible rate of 3 – 5%, also because of the cheap Good Credit loan, and prefer the generally more expensive bank loan for them Home finance serviced.

The only advantage: The annual interest costs, which of course are higher with a low repayment rate, can be brought in as a loss and thus reduce the taxable profit if you have registered business or have been classified as a business by the tax office.

Net funding and commitment interest

A Good Credit loan for renewable energies is only available as net financing since you can finally have the VAT refunded by the tax office (see above). This means that the VAT has to be interpreted until the refund (usually 2 – 3 weeks) or that a short-term loan has to be used.

A Good Credit loan is also not exempt from commitment interest! At around 0.25% per month, i.e. 3% per year, these are anything but low.

Good Credit loan or normal bank loan?

A Good Credit loan, especially a Good Credit loan for renewable energies, is often the cheapest way to finance a photovoltaic system – but a market comparison is still worthwhile! For example, many banks, especially regional banks, often offer slightly lower-interest loans on the same terms (repayment-free period, fixed interest rates), since they have to “pass-through” Online Personal loans, but they have no profit and only expenditure.

In addition, they often offer full financing, that is, including VAT, with the option of making a high special repayment right from the start (the “advanced” VAT) in order to reduce the credit costs, because, see above, the repayment of the loan by the photovoltaic system and the high feed-in tariff is usually more than secure, as well as the possibility of a special repayment. A precise comparison can be worthwhile here!